Easy steps for cooking with marijuana to make a cannabis elixir marijuana recipe

To make your cannabis elixir marijuana recipe, you will need cannabis tincture, honey, and vitamin E pills. Set up a double boiler on your heat source. Place some of the cannabis tincture in the double boiler and let it boil until the whole solution has been reduced to half its original amount. Once your cannabis tincture has reduced, add half of the cannabis tincture that you have remained with into the solution. When cooking with marijuana in this instance, the ratio of your cannabis tincture and the honey will be two to one. Therefore, if you have remained with two quarts of cannabis tincture after you are done with the reduction process, you will need to add a quart of honey. After adding the honey, you can now put in four to six vitamin E pills into the marijuana recipe. Keep the heat at a medium level and continue to reduce your marijuana recipe of cannabis tincture and honey until you are remaining with syrup that is almost similar to the amount you had in the beginning when you reduced the first cannabis tincture. Once you have boiled it down, let the cannabis elixir cool, and then store it in a jar that is lightproof. Put this jar in the fridge for your cannabis elixir to last longer.

To make your elixir a good healing method, you can study basic herbal medicine so that you can know which herbs you can incorporate into the cannabis elixir. For example, elderberry is a good herb for battling influenza and this can be put into your elixir. The dosage of your cannabis elixir depends on you and it could range from a teaspoon to a few tablespoons.

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